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Amusement Park Kathmandu, Mallorca

Kathmandu Park is located in one of the most popular areas of Mallorca - in the southwestern resort of Magaluf. It is built in the form of an upside-down Tibetan-style house and is filled with all sorts of modern technologies, immersing you in a world of fantastic interactive adventures.

Kathmandu is divided into several thematic areas.

Asylum, The Asylum , takes visitors on a virtual journey through an abandoned mental hospital. In XD Dark Ride, an addictive game, you can compete in battle with different characters, from robots to zombies. Does this look too childish? Ha! This game is not for the faint of heart - the dive takes place in complete darkness, the mobs are made very realistic, and the effects of the 5D cinema enhance the disorientation.

The Upside Down House is a favorite attraction for both adults and children with a bunch of mechanical wonders and an icy mirror maze. Adventurous cat Thunder tries to hide from an angry dog ​​and an approaching storm in an old wizard's abandoned Victorian mansion.

Katopia is a steampunk-themed water park. It has a water fortress with spinning slides, 150 interactive elements, and steampunk marine creatures everywhere: squid, fish and unicorn seahorses.

In addition, the Kathmandu amusement park has 2 18-hole mini golf courses, a 4D cinema and the only interactive aquarium in Mallorca.

Best time to visit and other recommendations

Kathmandu Park is the perfect place to spend a couple of hours on a rainy day if suddenly you are unlucky with the weather in Mallorca . In general, come in any weather! The first thing you will see upon arrival is a giant yeti climbing onto the roof of the SOL hotel. The territory of the park is not very large, but there are enough activities to spend a few hours with the children. There is a Mexican restaurant and a tequila bar on site - in the evenings they are filled with tourists, for quiet family gatherings it is better to come in the morning.

The most frequent guests of the amusement park are the guests of the SOL hotel, which is open until midnight in summer. The hotel is great for a family holiday in Mallorca , except that all the crazy entertainment is not suitable for children under 3 years old. There is a souvenir shop, but the prices in it are not very pleasant - there are a lot of more suitable places for shopping on the island on Palma de Mallorca .

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